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What is Pitt Stop?

Pitt Stop Self Storage is an affordable alternative to having your closet, attic, garage, spare room, office or place of business full of things you will seldom use. It is an excellent way to store your possessions in a protected environment where they are still available to you when you need them. Self-storage is the perfect solution to storing items held over from a move, items used only occasionally, seasonal items, or stuff that is just too precious to throw away.

What size should you rent?

Storage units come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Various features are available such as climate-controlled storage, dust control, etc. The center’s storage specialists can help you decide which type and size storage would best meet your needs. They can even give you helpful advice on packing, protecting and storing your possessions.

Do your possessions require special care?

Standard exterior door storages tend to be much like your garage at home. If you are storing upholstered items, antiques or items that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold, you should consider climate controlled storage. If you store files, seasonal items, or things that need to stay relatively dust free, you should consider covering these items with protective covers.

Are there safeguards and control systems in place?

You should feel safe when you visit your possessions and should feel comfortable about their safekeeping. The storage center should at least be fenced and have a coded electronic entry gate. The most modern centers should have surveillance cameras and individual door alarms. Exterior lights on driveways and climate controlled building hallways should be bright.

What center location should I choose?

Always select a storage center that is conveniently located and easy to access from a major road. Be sure that you can enter and exit the storage center easily without concerns for traffic safety. The storage center should be very visible, easy to find and convenient for you.

Can I get to my storage whenever I need to?

The storage center’s office hours should be compatible with your schedule and gate access hours should be adequate for you to visit your stored items when you need to. The driveways should be wide enough to accommodate any standard car, van, truck, or trailer you might be using to haul your stored items.

Is your stored property covered by insurance?

As a matter of law, self storage centers do not automatically provide insurance for your stored possessions. While losses rarely occur in modern centers with adequate controlled access and safeguard systems, it is always wise for you to make sure that your stored contents are covered by a renter’s policy. Contents insurance for your stored property may be provided through your homeowner or renter’s insurance policy. Be sure to check your policy or call your insurance agent. If your contents are not already covered, the self storage manager should be able to sign you up for insurance coverage or put you in contact with someone who can.

Does the center provide time-saving products to help make your move easier?

Everyone wants to get a move completed as quickly and easily as possible. Look to do business with a self storage center that can sell you the basic moving and storage supplies, such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, popcorn, furniture pads, furniture covers, locks, cleaning supplies, and other items that you will find useful. This is an added customer service and indicates additional time-saving value for you. You also should consider a center that can rent dollies, trailers, carts, or any other equipment you may need at that time.

Does the center have professional on-site management to help you?

The self storage center should have a professional on-site manager to handle your business in an efficient, prompt manner. The manager should also be available to help you in locating the other services you may require or just answer questions that may arise during your move.

How do I compare and make a decision?

When comparing prices, be sure to compare services, features and products offered in the storage center. Be sure they offer the amenities needed to meet your needs. Go visit the properties you are considering before you decide which one to use. Select the one you feel most comfortable with. After all, you are storing your property.

Can you use the payment option of your choosing?

Payment options should be convenient for you, so be sure the storage center can and will accommodate your preferred method of payment, especially if you intend to use a credit card. Most centers charge a minimum one-month rental along with various other fees when moving in. Discounts are sometimes given for prepaid contracts of 6 to 12 months, so be sure to ask.